Dreams, and messages in dreams. Some people like me don’t remember their dreams, but when I do, I know more often than not that they are a message from spirit. Learning to interpret them can be a hard thing to do for those who are not trained to understand the messages, while others like me just have a natural knowing of what the dream was about.

While I will be talking about how to understand your dreams better today. I did want to share with you a cool dream dictionary app which is a fun way of keeping track of your dreams and it gives you a cool way of interpreting them too.

I have had a ball over the last month playing with this app. The reason why I love it is that you get to go back at the end of the week and see the connections between your dreams and the events that have gone on in your life in that time frame. If you are interested in getting this app just click on the link below and the best part of this app is it is free! (Please note: I believe this App only Works on Android Phones)




Dreams allow you to balance your inner spiritual reality and your outer physical reality

Medium Rebecca Millman



We have stepped so far away from our spirituality, that we have often let mainstream science tell us what they believe dreaming is all about. Like with a lot of sciences, their theory about why we have dreams is just that. We all know the ideas in science can change from one minute to the next. An example of that is: we are often told what is healthy for us to eat, one minute we have been told that bacon is not good for us. Next minute, they are telling us it has all these amazing benefits to eating it, and we should be adding it to our diets. Over the years, I have naturally eaten less meat, and I believe that is because of my spiritual work but in saying that I have to add here, I for one am a bacon lover, and can not think of anything better than an awesome English breakfast on a Sunday Morning. Mmmm!




I believe dreams are both spiritual and real and as such, they link us to our spiritual and physical realities. They allow a person to enter both realms so we can receive messages of guidance, love and hope from the spiritual realm to use in our everyday lives.


Here are some tips on h0w to decode your dreams.


1. Keep a Record Your Dreams

By maintaining a record of your dreams, you will be able to analyse and interpret them. Dreams connect us to the spiritual realm and the Creator or God if you prefer, our guides, loved ones and friends in spirit and our higher selves.

Place a dream diary beside your bed where you can record them as soon as you wake up. If you do not remember the dream, just write “no dream to record”. However, the more you do this, the sooner you will begin to remember the dreams.

2. Keep Track Of How You Feel And Who Was In The Dream.

When we dream, we also have experience emotions, and it is important that we take note of them. Ask yourself how you were feeling in the dream and what were you feeling when you woke up?

Write down who was in the dream, what were they doing and if they spoke to you about something. Also, ask how you felt about the interaction.

By asking this, it will allow you to access more insight to the message in the dream.

3. Dream Dictionary

Sometimes when we don’t understand the message or have not developed our gifts, we have a hard time working out what they mean. Using a Dream dictionary can help you at the start, but it is best to use your beliefs on the matter, these messages are given to you for you to understand, as no one knows you like you.

I hope you have fun learning to understand your dreams and enjoy your spiritual messages you are receiving in them. Now you have a few spiritual tools to help; you to understand your messages which are trying to guide you through life.

Always remember when spirituality is alive we can reach our dreams!

Rebecca Millman xx


Share with me an experience you had with a dream and did it have a message within it?