Building A Relationship With Your Guides and Asking For Signs

When you begin a relationship with your spirit guides, It is common you will often want undeniable proof that they are there and that they are looking out for us.

I know what this feels like, when I first started I wanted proof, then I wanted more evidence and after that, I wanted even more and more proof. When I look back now, I can have a good giggle to myself. My guides must have been laughing at me too. However, I must admit the process of building a relationship with your guides and angels is a divine spiritual process we all will undertake.






Your Guides and Angels know you are going to ask for evidence, they aware that you will miss some of their signs at the start and your divine helpers are more than happy to bring you as much proof as you need. Your team Spirit are more than happy to bring you this never-ending stream of evidence. They don’t do this because they need to prove to us that they are there, they do this because they love us unconditionally. They know that as physical beings we need this process to break through old patterns of behaviours and beliefs systems which have been stopping us from living a life, full of joy, happiness and abundance.

Having trust in your guides and knowing that your very own team spirit has got your back is something we all must go through. As a medium who receives love and guidance from my guides every day, I want to help you to tap into the never-ending support system our unseen friends provide us and assist you to understand and recognise the signs your team spirit is giving you.

I know I have spoken to you about the importance of setting an intention before, and when you’re asking for divine guidance, this is where you start, when you want to receive messages from your guides and your angels.

Remember Spiritual Law states that we need to ask for what we want, and setting our intentions with our guides send out a vibrational message that you are willing and ready to work with them and that you are open to receive the messages and signs from them

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for the next ten minutes, then when you are ready the first thing you need to do is clear our mind, take a deep breathe and bring your intention to the moment. then say: “I ask my angels/guides to come through and surround me right now.”

Spend the next 20 seconds or so, reminding yourself that you are willing to be an open vessel to “Receiving their Energy”. Take notice any sensations, thoughts, images. Enjoy being in a receptive state.

While in this relaxed state, you can ask for a sign for specific event or experience in your life. for example, if you wanted to know if now is the right time for you to start looking for another job you would ask.  If now is the right time for me to begin to look for a new job, and this is for my highest good could you please show me the number 777 in 3 distinct ways within the next two days”

Over the next two days, keep your eyes open for your signs. Your team spirit may bring the signs to you in different ways. Keep an eye out everywhere as they could in number plate, written on a wall or even in a work email.

A little tip, It sometimes helps if you write down when you see a sign, so you don’t forget!

See that was not hard to do at all!?!

Love and guidance,

Rebecca Millman

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