Energy vampires – What you need to know!



Learning to work through your issues and personal baggage plays a big part in not taking on other people’s issues. There is a common problem that pops up, especially for the highly sensitive/empathic people and that is they have – most likely learned in their childhood how to take on other people’s issues.




Although being empathic to people’s issues is a very human and caring thing to do… However in saying that, some of us don’t realise that we not only take on responsibility for our actions but we also do the same for other people’s actions too. There are people out there who refuse to take responsibility for their actions, and they project their issues on other people and these people are what are commonly known as energy vampires. While we are all capable of projecting our issues on people and in fact, we all do this from time to time but there a people out there who will go out of their way to project their issues on you.

Sometimes we come across someone who has been gossiping to others about you, and many of us feel we have to go out of our way to try and make that person like you. When you go out of your way to do this, you begin to put your energy into someone who is more than happy to take your energy and this is why they have been given the name and energy vampire. It is a lot healthier to accept that you are not for everyone and that is okay. When we take it personally – we then give permission for that person’s energy to enter our aura. By taking their opinion personally, you unconsciously allow them to affect your self-esteem which will then drag you down to their negativity. We then begin to become energetically as well as emotionally dependent on the other person’s opinion.



It is important to remember that we all have very different personalities, with different likes and dislikes, but embracing your love and respect for yourself, will help to keep other people’s opinions from draining you. One of the most healing things we can do for a person is to be there and allow them to express what they are going through without judgment or emotions; this is what we call holding space for that person.



The grace of accepting the true self, opens the soul up to it’s true potential. When we shift our thinking from the rapid negative thoughts and ego, we become alive and find who we truly were born to be. A spiritual being that accepts that it has been living a life which is created by a physical reality. It is only when we begin to take control of our own unique reality that we will begin to break the shackles that ties us to the mad physical world that once dictated ours and so many others suffering.

Rebecca Millman xx



Another common misconception is we have to take on other people’s issues to help them. This, in fact, is far from the truth, and you were not put on this earth to fix someone else’s problems. When we try and take someone else’s pain away, they will not be able to learn from the experience they are going through, and it is important to remember that no matter what is going on we cannot complete that lesson for them. If you do try and do this, you will both end up in a negative and painful place, and as you begin to cross over into someone else’s reality, you then will find that you have dramatically shifted off your spiritual path and you will no longer be aligned with your higher self.


Always remember when spirituality is alive we can reach our dreams!

Rebecca Millman xx


Share with me any experience you had where you gave to much of your energies, and how holding space helped you to heal and move forward?