Have I ever done work for the Police?



One of the most common question I am asked as a medium is, have I ever done work with the police?

All medium’s work differently, and most pick an area they are good at and they then choose to become an expert in that field. I guess that is no different that any other field of work, right? I on the other hand want to experience everything I can and help as many people I can with my gift. As you will discover when you watch my video, there is a side to working with the police which may not be as fun as most people think. I will not go too far into it as I don’t want to ruin the video for you.


Beck x

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YOU know I love hearing your experiences, right?!?

So, if YOU, have the time to share with me if you have had a dream, recieved a message from spirit or another experience that had a connection with missing person case?

Can’t wait to read your experiences!!!

Rebecca xx

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