After fighting the flu for over 3 weeks, I’ve decided that today I’m sitting back and enjoying the simple things in life. While sitting here I have had time to reflect back on this year and to contemplate on events that are too come.

I’m so excited about heading over East and South Australia to do my large audience shows, as this ex Victorian loves heading home and enjoys going to the SA markets as well as gets just a tad excited about sharing her gift with you all.

In today’s V-blog, I’ll introduce you to the world of How Spirit Communication takes place and how it happens.

It does not matter if you are living a life guided by spirit, or you just love the thought of spirit communication as this video has something for all.

Watch this video now to get a simple, yet powerful understanding of how spirit communication works.



P.S Please forgive my husky voice – as I’m still fighting the flu!





Understanding this concept helps people to recognise and build a relationship with their loved ones and friends in spirit, I’d love to hear your stories on when someone contacted you from the “other side” .

Whether you’ve share a story of your own experience or one you have heard from a friend or family member, we all grown and learn from life experiences.

ALWAYS BE RESPECTFUL. This can be a sensitive and emotional subject, so please comment from a place of love and be mindful to others on the page

I will not tolerate any form of trolling or negative comments made to anyone at all.  We are all not perfect and we can learn and grow from each other.


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