When I do my large audience shows, you will often find me surfing the room passing on messages and reuniting people with their loved ones and friends in spirit. While doing this, I have to let go of ego and open up to up to the spirit world and guides and allow them to pass through me and deliver the divine and spiritually transformative messages.

When I start doing these audience readings, I don’t always know where I am going to start or who I’m going to connect with but I have an unwavering faith  that spirit will deliver.

In this video, I share with you how those in spirit get my attention so that I can pass on messages to those who attend my large audience shows.

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YOU know I love hearing your experiences, right?!?

So, if YOU, have the time to share with me if you experienced a time where the spirit world directed you to someone or something?

Can’t wait to read your experiences!!!

Rebecca xx

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