Is being Medium More Difficult Than Being a Psychic

It is a well-known fact that all mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums. The reason for this is that not all psychics will be able to raise their vibrations high enough to connect with the spirit realm.

Everyone has a psychic ability, and it was given to us to help guide us through this physical life. If you wish to develop your psychic abilities, you may be surprised that you can, and all you need to do so is to practice developing your gift. It is like building muscles, the more you use them, the stronger it will get.




Turning into your psychic abilities is a lot easier than making a connection with spirit. The reason for that is because when we work with psychic energies, we are working with the physical energies the physical energies from the physical realm. Our physical bodies were designed to work best in its natural environment which is the physical realm and not the spiritual realm.

When a medium connects with a spirit they have to raise their vibrations to do so, and this plays a toll on the mediums physical body as well as their emotional state. If I do a lot of readings in one day, it can take me some time to get my energies right as often by the time I have finished the readings I feel as if I have just run a marathon.

It has taken me many years to be able to handle the vibration and the shift in energies, but I have to take the time to look after me too. I find working on a psychic level to be less intrusive on my body, and the bounce back rate after doing a lot of psychic reading is very quick.

I love being both a Psychic and a Medium, I would never give what I do up for quids, but I have to admit working on a psychic level is much easier than mediumship. I know my passion will always be with my mediumship work and the gift I was given to communicate with those that are crossed over is something I will always cherish.


Blessing and Love,