When I was younger, I was always trying to get one up on myself. What I mean by that is: I was forever trying tool fool myself by saying, when I get this or that under control then life would fall into place. Oh how far from the truth that statement was. One of the first lessons I learnt from the spirit world is that love has no conditions. It is endless, and because I was putting conditions on self-love, I was only keeping myself in a negative state of mind.

One thing I do know is that when we return to the spirit realm, we return to a place that is pure love. My Spirit Guides and the thousands of souls that I have spoken to have all said this.

Each connection I work with when I do my large Audience Shows also has the basis of love to it. If is was not for the love that those in the spirit world carry for those of us who continue to live life on the physical plane, I would never be able to do my work.





When people come together who are like minded in their beliefs, they then create the perfect conditions for spirit communication. That is part of the reason I love my shows so much.

When I turn up to my shows, I come with the intention of stepping aside and allowing those in spirit to use me as an open vessel so they can pass on the messages to their loved ones in the audience. As an ambassador for the spirit world, I freely allow this to happen as I know how healing these messages are for those who receive them.

If you are thinking of attending one of my large audiences shows, I recommend that you take a few minutes, to talk with your loved ones in the spirit world before the show, you may like to meditate or even light a candle. Set your intentions and be open to who may come through on the night and don’ forget to originate from a place of love.

It is love that connects us all, and it is this vibration that helps people to reunite and experience something so beautiful as spirit communication.

Always remember just like our soul, love never dies, it is endless and continues in the next realm.





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