Missing Your Loved Ones And Messages From Them.



Have you ever missed someone who has crossed over so much that just the thought of them brings a tear to your eye?

I know I have, I was 16 when my Pop crossed over, and he meant the world to me.  I can truly say that his passing devastated me.



We can often get stuck in our thinking that a loved ones passing is the end of our relationship with them but in fact, that could not be more untrue. Even though they have left their physical bodies behind, their soul is eternal, and it has begun its journey home to the spirit realm. Too many of us were taught that once that happens your relationship with them stops and this can not be further from the truth.

As a young child who possessed a unique gift, a gift to see, hear and communicate with spirit. I found that my physical reality did not match up to a lot of what people were telling me and I must confess this was a very confusing time for me. It was not until I owned my gift that I found peace and what I was put on this earth to do.

At my Large Audience Shows, I get to share with you my special gift. Everyone who attends my shows have been brought together to hear, witness and receive divine messages from those on the “Other Side”. We are a room full of people who have come together to hear messages from the “Other Side.” We were all put on Earth for a reason, and I finally found my purpose, which is reuniting you with loved ones and friends who have returned home to the spirit realm!

Before the show, I ask that our spirit friends, help me reach the people with the most need, ask for a blessing for all who attend and to use me as an open vessel so that I can pass on the messages from those in spirit to you.

As you can imagine, I have a lot of spirits around me when I’m on stage, all wanting to make a connection with their loved ones attending the shows… while I would love to pass on messages to everyone who attends, I just could not physically do it, and this is why I ask for those who are in need the most receive their message first.

Did you know that receiving a direct message from me is not the only way to receive a message from your loved one in spirit at my Large Audience Show!?  

During the show, you will find that there an absolute abundance of universal messages that everyone can all benefit from. What are universal messages? Well, most can and will walk away with the most beautiful shift, just by witnessing the connections.

However, sometimes our loved ones in spirit will do a deal with another spirit who has a bigger need than them to make contact with a loved one. When this happens, you will often receive a message insides someone else’s message. What I mean but that, is one spirit may say, I’ll allow you to go before me but could you pass on a message to my loved one when you tell the medium a particular sentence. When this happens, there will be a knowing deep inside your soul that that part of the message was for YOU.


Share With Me….


You know I love reading and interacting with your post, so if you have time will you share with me the ways your loved one have given you a signs?


Remember, guidance can come from the other side, just ask and it will come!


Love Rebecca xx