The Power Of Mediumship


The power of mediumship is profound on many levels; it can heal, reunite, transform and give guidance. I am so blessed to be given the gift of mediumship, and that’s why sharing my ability to communicate with those that have crossed over through my large audience events means so much to me. This event is a wonderful way of exploring the power of mediumship and the spiritual connections that come with it. Even if you attend regularly, you will already know it is a wonderful way for everyone to experience the power of mediumship through my show.

I never know what to expect as I allow those in spirit to work with me and pass on messages to the crowd, as we make mindful connections. These messages leave a deep sense of faith in the hearts of those attending that our loved ones in spirit are still with us, listening as well as watching but forever reminding us, that life continues long after we leave out physical bodies behind and best of all that love never dies.


Let The Spirit World Guide You


For over 15 years, I have been living a life guided by and in service to spirit, as well as to you, and I want to share with you some more details about my Large Audience Events. We were all brought together to these events for a reason. We are a room full of people who have come together to hear messages from the “Other Side.”

On the night, I will open up to the spirit world and ask that our spirit friends, to use me as an open vessel so I can pass on the messages from the “Other Side” to you. These events can be anywhere from a few dozen, hundred, few hundreds to a thousand people. As you can imagine, that is a lot of spirits in the room, wanting to use me, wanting to pass on messages through me just for you. At this stage, I raise my vibrations, and I ask my spirit guides to assist me, then I get out of the way, and I allow the spirit to guide me to who needs to be read. It is spirit who decides who comes through and what messages are passed on. However, before each event, I do set intention by asking that those who need more guidance and who has the most emotional need receive the readings.


Set Your Intentions and Trust What Will Come


Universal or Spiritual Law, says that we all must ask for what we want to come into our lives. If we don’t ask spirit to come through, as well as permit them to so, they can’t. Try opening up to the spirit world and allow them to bring what is right for you to you. If you have decided to attend my Clairvoyant Show, one of the most common question I am asked is, how should  I prepare for it?  The best hing I can say, is you should do it the same same way you would if you were seeing me for a private reading.  So, an example of this would be: ask your loved ones and friends in spirit to come through for you on the night. That could be directly or indirectly, via a reading and that you receive whatever is in your highest good. After doing this, know that the those in he spirit world have heard you and now trust that they received your intentions and let spiritual law unfold.

I do want you to know there is numerous people who will be attending my show; I do try and get through as many people as I can when doing audience readings. But it is also essential for me, to not compromise the quality and standards of the readings so when I feel my energies have dropped to low to receive readings that will come through at a high standard I will then bring the readings to an end.

During the show you will find that there is abundance of universal messages that everyone can all benefit from. Which means that most can will walk away with the most beautiful shift, just by witnessing the connections that go on via the show as you will see in Delynn’s feedback she sent me blow.

Delyn Andrew – 10/08/2017
Rockingham WA

My friends and I went to Rebecca’s show as well and we were very impressed with her abilities and her general approach to the amazing world of Mediums and how they handle their special gift. I would like to say also that it was unfortunate that You were not well that night, yet you pushed through and didn’t disappoint anyone and I could see it wasn’t easy for you but was so impressed with how you still carried on with the evening. My girlfriend was the first to be lucky enough to have a family member come through and honestly while we had discussed getting tickets prior to the event life got busy and we nearly didn’t make it, I happened to see one of my emails and made the decision to just get us the tickets and hoped she could still come with me and WOW haha she was the first to be approached by Rebecca so life is wonderful and full of strange happenings and this was proven that night. You gave all of us so much insight and I thank you from the bottom of my heart because I know my buddy, our other girlfriend who was also with us and I came away that night with a full heart and smiling. x

The “Other Side” want to connect so be open to them!


When attending these events, it is very natural that we have our expectations. One of the most common expectations I see is that people want to hear from one particular loved one. To be truthful, no medium has control over who comes through. Spirit has brought us all together for a reason, and we need to trust that we might not see the reason why straight away but when you do you will know why.

If you want to try and connect with a particular spirit or spirits, It can often help to write the person’s or persons’ name on a piece of paper; you could try asking while meditating, or even light a candle, in that person’s name. Be open to who comes through on the night and by that I mean, you maybe wanting to connect with your mother, but your grandfather may come through on the night. Your grandfather could be what is known as the lead in the link, which means his energies may be more suited to mine on the night and he has made the connection first to help shift the energies or vibrations so your mother can come through next. I also suggest people ask for a sign or a specific message too. Know that those on the “Other Side” miss us as much as we miss them and are working hard to come through for you on the night.


Why not let, spirit, me and you spend an enchanting night together – I hope to see you at one of my upcoming events!


Blessings & Love,


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