Natural Flow of Life!


Everything in life has a push-pull effect. Sometimes when we are trying to make things happen in life, we find things pop up that will make what we are trying to achieve hard and often it comes to a grinding halt. If we continue to try to fit a square peg into a round hole, we end up frustrated that things don’t fall into place. How many times have we tried to do this in our life, only to hit a wall of resistance?

This wall of resistance is not there to stop us from achieving our goal, but it can feel like it sometimes. The fact that we hit this wall at all is a reminder to everyone that we have to surrender to the natural flow of life! I am forever reminding myself about this push-pull effect. These moments are signs that it is now time to let go of trying to control and let spirit (my guides) take the reins and allow what is meant to happen to take effect.





Every morning I ask my guides to allow me to have the grace and wisdom to see this in my life, as I set my intent for the day. I find that these reminders come in many shapes and forms but as soon as I surrender to the natural flow of life… things soon fall into place.




When I work with a spirit, I never know what is going to happen, as I have no control over what they are going to do. You will see this when I am doing the Faces of Spirit Seances and demonstrating my mediumship gifts at live show events. At the start of these event’s, I have no idea what will go on. I have faith the spirit team that work with me will be there, and they know that I am more than happy to be a messenger for them. Before each event, I open up and tell spirit: I am there to do my work as a messenger which is one of the reasons why I was put on this earth. I also tell my spirit helpers that they are more than welcome to use my energies to help bring through proof that life continues on, long after we leave our physical bodies behind. They work hard with my energies to allow people to see faces of different spirits at my Seance and pass on evidence that peoples’ loved ones are still alive and well in my live show events.


Love Rebecca x


There are a still a few tickets available for my Faces of Spirit Seance which is on,Thur, 16th of Feb, tickets can be found on my Seance Page of my website. I will also be holding Large Audience Events in Rockingham, Northam and Success (WA) and tickets can be bought through my Live Show Page.