Setting Intention In Your Life With Your Spirit Guides



Setting intention is a creative power that fulfils all our needs; it’s connected to spiritual awakening, to love, and the high vibrations of the spirit realm. It is the starting point where we begin to tap into our creative power, and it is also the ability to work with our higher self, as well as with our spirit guides in a divine manner.

Everything in the universe begins with intention, from the moment we decide to set a new goal, scratch our head, start writing an email to a friend… this all starts with intention.

I am a spiritual being having a physical life and as the creator of my life experiences – If I want to achieve something in my life, I ask my spirit guides to bring it to me when the time is right. I know by putting my Intention out to my Spirit Guides, I am actively working with them to bring my Intention into my life, and as I do this, I start to build a trusting relationship with them.





Building a relationship with your spirit guides like this will allow you to create trust and have faith that your guides are guiding you throughout this lifetime here in the physical realm.


Knowing what you don’t want – allows you to see what you do want

Medium Rebecca Millman



As a person starts to gain insight into themselves and begins to understands how their Spirit Guides are working with them. They will typically begin to see different spiritual shifts within themselves. These changes in consciousness allow a person to achieved a more thoughtful reflection on various aspects of their life and the way they see others around them. A person’s abilities to be willing to take responsibility for their actions and in turn, they will also begin to have stronger boundaries and compassion toward other people.

As a person’s ability to connect and work with their spirit Guide becomes more balanced. They will naturally begin to break through and let go of old unwanted patterns and behaviours which are holding them back. This shift allows a person to become aligned with both physical and spiritual laws and when both laws are aligned then, you will start to see your Intention fall into place.



Rebecca Millman xxx