We all know someone who has had a visit from a loved one who has crossed over to the spirit realm, and at times these visits can be unnerving and even frightening for some. However, for most of us, these visits are very welcome. As a medium I am often asked, why do our loved ones and friends want to come back and let us know they are there and what are some of the signs I should be looking for?






To answer the first question, our loved ones and friends in spirit miss us as much as we miss them. So for them to come back and visit us is a very normal thing and a human thing for them to do when you think about it. The main reason a spirit will want to communicate with us is to let us know that they have arrived safely in their new home and to let us know they are okay.’



Playing with electricity and gadgets

Spirit love to play with electricity and provide us with a sign they are there. When a person returns home to the spiritual realm, they are returning to a realm which operates at a higher vibrational level to our physical realm. So it is easier for a spirit to manipulate electricity and what a great way to grab a person’s attention. Spirits’ like to do things like play with lights, turn on and off things like televisions, radios, or make electrical gadgets beep, turn on the kettle and so on.

Take note of stuff like what TV show is playing on the television, what song is playing on the radio – when the phenomenon happens? As well as, what time was it when they started playing with the kettle? By doing so, you should be able to find out what the message is.

Smelling A Scent

I know psychics and mediums who are quite good at picking up different smells from the spirit world and on a psychic level, although I have experienced this – I have to admit this isn’t something I experience very often. I must say that when a fellow psychic/medium is describing a smelly sock odour – I am sneakily grateful that this is not one of my stronger gifts.

Clients often ask if it is possible to smell different smells from the spirit realm? As they may have experienced a sweet smell of roses that reminded them of their grandmother’s perfume. Our loved one and friends often give us signs that they are trying to contact us from the other side this way. Other things that are commonly picked up this way are cigarette/cigar smoke, a favourite flower or meal.

Take the time to work out who that smell reminded you of, and then you will be one step closer to working out who is around you.


Placing objects in your path and removing objects

Those in the spirit real love to place objects in our path. These objects often have a meaning to the spirit who is trying to make the connection with us. Some common objects are Feathers, Coins, Crystals and so on.

Furthermore, they also like to remove things too – I find the removal of objects are connected with reminding people to slow down and enjoy their time here on the earth plane. People often report losing, Car Keys, Jewellery, and other personal items.

Try looking at what the year is that is written on the coin, or what colour the feather is, as this will help you find out who is around you.





Seeing numbers which have a relevant connection with you or the person in spirit is a great way for our spirit friends to let us know they are around. Numbers can also have a repeating pattern to them – i.e., 333, 111, 888 and are often found at the petrol pump – on licence plates, Clocks, Phones and so forth.





Songs and the messages in them

Have you ever been thinking about a loved one and their favourite songs come on the radio or where you are trying to work out an issue and the words in the song helped you to see the answer?

Pay more attention to music when it is playing. This could be in the car, while you are at a supermarket, why watching a movie on the TV, or just playing on the radio.

Bring your attention to what song is playing as our friends in spirit love working with us this way – especially if they loved music when they were here in the physical realm.




Shadows out the corner of your eye

Sometimes people see a very quick shadow from the corner of their eye. It can be so fast that if you blinked you could feel as if you would have missed it. As spirit is not a solid form people are more likely to see a parcel manifestation… i.e., mist, a dark shadow of a person and or even an animal spirit.

Take note of where you saw it. Was it near something that belongs to the spirit as this could let you know who it is.





Giving us messages in our dreams it one of the easiest ways in which spirit can communicate with us and one of the telltale signs that it is a message from a spirit and not just an ordinary dream is; you will wake up feeling as if someone has just invaded your personal space.

Take note of how you feel once you have woken as this is also a great way to work out what the message is about.


would love to hear what sign you receive from spirit?

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Love Rebecca x