The Connection Between Intuition And Spirit Guides


When I first embraced my gift, I quickly fell in love with the spiritual connection I had with my spirit guides, myself and the universe. My journey was a little different than most, and that is because most people have their spiritual awakening first and then start developing their gifts. My spiritual awakening did not happen that way, in fact, it was the opposite way around for me. My gift to communicate with the spirit realm had been with me for my whole life, but my spiritual understanding did not kick in until I started to build a relationship with my spirit guides.

My guides became my spiritual and physical teacher and my best friends. They showed me how to trust, forgive, be more compassionate, how both the spiritual and physical realms worked side by side, how to love unconditionally, that I was the creator of my reality, to believe and love myself and so much more.




My Spirit Guides have given me so much and have guided me my whole life. My relationship with my guides is a very personal one and is a priceless gift. Spirit Guides were not just given to me because I am a medium – in fact, everyone who is living a physical life has Spirit Guides.

Whenever I begin to work with my guides, I always start with meditation, and I surround myself with divine white light. White light is a filtering light; it can filter all colours, and it is pure in its divine form. I see this light surround my body and I take my time to build the energies and the vibration of the light. I ask my guides to a tune to my energies, and as they do so, I begin to feel and see signs that they are working with me.

Each guide I work with has a different calling sign to let me know they are there. As your personal relationship with your guides develops and become stronger, you will soon begin to recognise the various signs each of your spirit guides is gives you to let you know they are there. As your relationship with the guides becomes stronger and understand which guide is around you and you will soon start to understand which guides which areas in life your guides are developing.

Learning to build a trusting relationship and taking the time to understand which guide is working with you and for what reason, is often the first step in building a relationship with them and in turn open you up to new possibilities.


I would love to hear your stories and lessons about spirit guides – post your comments below


Rebecca x