The Connection Between The Mind-Body And Spirit

The connection between the mind-body and spirit


A person’s soul is responsible for giving their body its life force. It helps guide us in our daily lives, both on a spiritual and physical level and it does this by contributing to guiding our behaviour and allows us to connect with our higher self and the creator. Which in turn, allows a person to access the spiritual wisdom and love from the spiritual realm. Our spirit always reminds us that we are part of a bigger pitcher and that our spiritual development will never end. It is always talking to us and trying to show us how to love and live life via a divine connection.


connection between the mind, body and spirit


Our mind, the interactive mechanism between the body and spirit. The mind allows us to understand and filter emotions, images, vibrations and feelings all of which are the language of the spirit. It allows a person to register nerve impulses generated by the body. Everyone can learn how to communicate between the body and mind and their spirit, but it takes a lot of self-awareness and knowledge of how to work on a vibrational level to be able to achieve this.


“Learning lessons of ones souls purpose is like peeling layers of an onion, the more you peel the deeper you go into spiritual enlightenment. By the time you finish this process, you will find a larger onion that needs peeling.”

Spiritual Medium, Rebecca Millman



Finally, the body is our vessel, and it has been designed to work harmoniously with both a person’s mind and spirit… our body needs to be taken care for on a daily basis. The body’s magic formula for survival – sleep, diet, environment and exercise.

Why is it important to balance your mind, body and spirit? Many people don’t take the time to reflect on how our mind, body and spirit is all connected and If one is out of wack then all will be and it will have a impact on a person’s physical life. Taking the time to work on all 3 areas will help to bring balance, back into your life and open doors to new possibilities.

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