The Key To Understanding Love From Spirit



As spiritual beings having a physical, incarnation, we spend a lot of our time thinking about what love is, how can we find it and now that we have found it how can we keep it. Furthermore, if you ask someone what love is, they often have a hard time putting it into words.

So why is it that we have a hard time putting the meaning of what love is into words? Well to answer we need to look at both our spiritual and physical reality. When we look at our physical reality of what love is, it is not capturing the real meaning at all for several main reasons, and here are some common physical reality miss understandings about love.


What most people think love is;


* real love is hard to find
* Love is about what someone can do for us or give us
* You have to earn love
* Love is conditional
* When a person returns home to the spirit realm – the connection and communication with them then stops




After almost two decades of working with those in spirit, I have learnt a lot about love from spirit and the messages they pass on to their loved ones and friends still here in the physical. Below are some of the most common messages about love.



* The love a person experiences in the spirit realm in infinite
* No matter what age you are, It is never too late to open up to love.
* The secret to life is to love unconditionally
* They wished they embraced love instead of fearing so many things when they were here in the earthly realm.
*The more you come from a place of love the more it will come back to you.



Love is something that can never be lost… it can start as a spark and can take over our whole being. It is something that has many sides to it and it can be as deep as the deepest oceans and as wide as a stunning horizon. Love is something we all feel because we were all created in LOVE! – My Spiritguide Grywolf



What I’ve learned from Spirit about love:


As a medium, I have been lucky enough to see what love is like on both sides of the realms. Most people that are living in the physical realm view love as a prize to be pursued and protected. They see it as something that comes with conditions and must be earned by the things that you do. In fact, you don’t have to work at love, as you are created in love, and it is your natural state of being. It is the underlying force that holds everything together, everything is made from this divine love, and it has no limits or boundaries. The more we begin to understand this we then start to see that we are all made of this life force which holds everything together. The more you open the gates to let love flood into every part of your life the more you will see it is a natural rhythm that we all beat too.


I would love to hear your thoughts on love!?! 


Rebecca xx