Transformation of Consciousness with your Spirit Guides


Transformation of consciousness through spiritual practice is a very personal journey. It is something that has no monetary value; it can not be bought or sold, it is something that we all have within, but it is always up to the individual to find.

When a person has a spiritual awakening, they become aware that there is no ego – there just is. We become aware of our lower vibrational thoughts and begin to understand the role ego plays in our lives. It is at this stage that person starts to become their true self!



A person’s spiritual awareness is just that. It is their very own awareness of their higher self and their connection with their spirit guides. Just because I went down a mediumistic path does not mean that everyone has to follow the same route to find their true self, as no two people are the same and the lessons they have to learn are very different. It is just like, I don’t expect people to understand my spiritual path and experiences, how can someone understand something that is my very own journey. But what I do know is, that people who are meant to work with spirit and their psychic gift feel a calling. A calling to serve humanity, as well as to be an ambassador for the spirit realm.

It is when one comes to the knowing that there is no right and wrong way to find your spiritual path and that there is only the path that is right for you. They will then truly begin to follow their true path in life.

Some of the most common questions I am asked are: How will I know if working with spirit is right for me? How will I improve myself? How will my guides help me to find my spiritual path? The answer to that is you will know, if this is the right path for you, you will feel the calling, you may have unexplained experiences. You will have a deep knowing inside of you, and when you do start down a path with spirit, there will be an overwhelming feeling of peace and an unwavering trust.



I can’t teach you what your guides will teach you, but what I can do is teach you how to open the door to the spirit realm as well as embrace your psychic abilities. Help guide you to understand, your messages and give guidance along your journey, but at the end of they day, it will be your mission to explore a realm that provides lessons, unconditional love and guidance..






Always remember when spirituality is alive we can reach our dreams!

Rebecca Millman xx


Share with me an experience you have had with the spirit realm that help shift your beliefs?