Symbols And Spirit Communication


I was doing a reading for a lady at one of my events last week. At the start of the reading, I felt a young man walk up behind me – he smiled and then started talking to me. He began his communication with me by showing me him sitting in a wheelchair with a drip in his arm; I was also being told that he had passed from Cancer.

I asked the lady, “if she could take a young man who died of cancer and that although he is showing me him in a wheelchair, I don’t get the feeling that he needed it, but it was something he would have used while he was in the hospital. I then said, “I get the feeling that this spirit is not the closest blood relative, but more an extended family member.

Symbols of Sirit Communications-2


The lady had a hard time placing this young man, and I asked this male spirit if my connection I had made was with the right woman, and he assured me it was. I was not sure why he was trying to make a connection with my client, but what I did know was, he was certain he wanted me to continue to keep passing on his messages to her. So I continued to work with him, he told me to tell her the name: Sandra to this lady, and when I did, she smiled and said, I know who you have now.

Working with clients and the spirits that come through to communicate with them can be a learning curb at times, and each spirit has their own ways of communicating with me. Sometimes they bring in symbols I have never seen before, and when this happens, I often say to myself, Oh I better learn quickly how to understand the ways in which this spirit is working with me, or I am going to let the person I’m reading for and the spirit down.

I’m forever – learning from my different interactions with spirit and improving my mediumship abilities, this is something that takes a lot of concentration and I am also mindful that I try and stay grounded and be in the moment.

When I teach my students, I am forever reminding them that everyone communicates with the spirit world in their way. Some feel their presence; other see signs and or hear sounds, and other smell different things. There is no right and wrong way in receiving your messages but learning to understand these messages can often be harder than one thinks. That is why it’s a great idea to sit in a development circle with a teacher who understands the process and can help guide you to unlocking and understanding your gift, as well as the symbols you are being shown.

Do you know what symbols spirit use with you and what are they?