What “spiritual consciousness” means?


I have to admit that I can be guilty of spending hours and sometimes even day pondering the thought: What the term “spiritual consciousness” means? And as I do this I am aware that my mind begins to step away from the spiritual realm and become more grounded in my sub level thinking which is more connected to our physical realm of thought.

For me, spiritual consciousness is very distinguishable from the physical consciousness which is awareness of the physical realm we live in – it also differs from the next vibrational level of the consciousness which is the awareness of one’s ego.


spiritual consciousness



My understanding spiritual consciousness sits almost parallel on a vibrational level with the spirit realm, and although spiritual consciousness has a very similar vibration to the spirit realm it is clearly distinguishable as one realm will interact with you and the other realm is a deep knowing.

When we spiritually awaken we have an knowing, understanding and belief in the universe, it’s spiritual laws and the truth that lies within everyone. We become aware of the consciousness of a higher self, transcendental reality, and we begin to break the shackles of our physical beliefs.


 Your reality is not what you can hear see and touch, it is the ability to be able to explore the deepest corners of your consciousness. When man begins to open up to the consciousness of reality they will begin to understand that their ability to achieve anything is limitless!

Rebecca’s Guide Grey Wolf



What is “Spiritual Consciousness” ? to me you become aware that…


• You are a spiritual being, have a physical life experience

• The reality of the Physical realm is just an illusion, and we create our own physical reality

• We have had many lives in the physical realm, and the purpose of these lives is so that we can grow spiritually.

• We begin to understand that physical reality is an illusion, and our spiritual reality is very real.

• As a spiritual being, we all have a connection to the creator.

• We become aware that there is no death and live continues long after we leave our physical body behind. “


What do you believe spiritual consciousness is?