Who Are You? The Answer Lies In The Spirit Realm


Who Are You?

Yes you!

Have you ever stop to wonder who you are, I know I have asked myself that question many times throughout my life. It is a very human thing to do, and it shows that you have the ability to self reflect.




After many years of working, with spirit and my guides, I have learnt that we are a very complex spiritual being, everything about us makes us unique, we have eyes that see, ears that hear, a heart which pumps oxygen throughout our body. Nobody has shown us how to do these things, and yet we naturally do it. It is these things that connect us to the universe and our loved ones in the spirit realm. The universe and spirit realm are doing these things naturally too, just like the sun rises and sets in the evening and the whispers we receive from spirit. Nobody told the Sun it must do this nor did they tell our spirit friends to make a connection like that, but it happens like this because we are part of the collective. Everything about you is unique and yet it is one big natural rhythm, a beat that beats in a harmonious way.







If you think about that, you well soon realise that we are nothing but a moment in time. We are in fact this very moment! We can never end because nothing ever ends. The universe is continuingly growing and changing from moment to moment and there for when we leave our bodies behind we naturally move forward to its natural home – the spirit realm.

It’s a pretty amazing thing when you think about it and so are you!