How To See Auras

This week on Rebecca TV learn how to expand your own psychic abilities by learning how to see auras. Everything is energy and as such we can tap into these energy fields. They are a life force which is forever changing colours, expanding and shifting. The human body has an energy field around it which most people know as the Aura.

However, it’s not just the human body that has an energy field, animals and plants do too. Everything has an aura and ancient medical demonstrates that the human body has seven layers to its aura. Each layer correlates to a different element like physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health.

Learning to See Auras 

There a speical Cameras which can be used to allow you to see your aura but you can practise seeing auras in the confit of your own home. In today’s video i show you how you can develop your aura seeing abilities.

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