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Discover How To Instantly ​Activate ​Your ​Direct ​Connection ​To ​Your Guides and Loved Ones In Spirit, ​​Attract Abundance and ​​Align With Your Highest Divine Purpose

​You’re just one step away from receiving divine connection through meditating with your loved ones and guides​ to effectively shift tension, sleep better, energise your mind, body and spirit, as well as manifest blessings into your life.

Hi, I’m Medium Rebecca Millman.

For all most 2 decades I have been helping people just like you to reconnect and heal by reuniting them with their loved ones who now call the spirit realm home as well as teaching people the exact technics on how to do this for yourself. 

I’m about to reveal to you something INCREDIBLE.

A secret technic which will allow you to discovered literally for yourself how to unlock the doors to the angelic realms.

Truthfully, I didn’t realise how much the guidance I received from the spirit world was going to transform my highly stressful life to a peaceful life full of purpose, intentions and It was truly life-changing.

Guidance from your team spirit through meditation is a powerful combination that will divinely transform your life. It allows you to connect with your loved ones and guides in a peaceful, non-intrusive yet very powerful way. 

You’ll literally be able to unlock direct access to your team spirit and work with them to manifest whatever desire. To virtually eliminate stress, and to draw joy, peace, success and fulfilment to you… Automatically!

Sounds wonderful, right…?

Yes, living a conscious and peaceful life which is guided by spirit often takes a lot of work but when you first start it does not have to be that hard, guidance and meditation will assist you to achieve this. I want to give you access to my proven meditation technic that I have learnt over the years from the very best, my Spirit Guides! As well as, help you to open up to a world of unconditional love, support, happiness, abundance and growth.

Before I started down this path… I had just become a single mother of three very young children. By the time I paid my bills I had $60.00 a week to go grocery shopping and to buy nappies. I was tired from working a nine to five job raising three kids with no family support and running a household. I didn’t even recognize myself anymore, I was exhausted, felt so alone, and was struggling with depression. I was so busy putting everyone else first, I had no idea who I was, how to say no to people or what I believed in anymore.

It wasn’t until I started embracing my gift, owning who I was and doing this special meditation practice of Guidance and Meditation every day that I saw my life change. I soon found everything and I mean everything fell into place and for the first time in my life I found me and happiness. 

I have to tell you, I didn’t know if the experiences I had were from the spirit realm before starting down this path or how I could access my own team spirit but I now thank my unseen divine helpers every day for coming into my life and showing a different way to live. Over the years I have learnt many spiritual tools that work and I want to share with you how guidance and meditation work.

The more I listened to this powerful life-changing meditation technic the better I felt and the more I was able to manifest my desires!

I’ve travelled the world sharing my unique gift to talk with the spirit realm, at my large audience shows were tens of thousands of people just like you have witnessed for themselves the undeniable proof and profound healing messages from the other side”


Are you ready to embrace the healing power and open up to the divine love, abundance and guidance the spirit realm has to offer!?!


  •  This beautiful healing session starts with your own spirit team stepping forward to cleanse and clear your entire being with the most radiant Golden Light, your Christ Consciousness!

  • I then take you on a profound guided journey where I activate your centres and prepare you for divine angelic communication. (shifting and preparing your consciousness to connect more deeply with your angelic unseen helpers.)

  • Your own specially prepared spirit team will then step forward into your awareness.

  • Where you can connect with them and allow them to access your auric field as they gently uplift and bless your mind, body and spirit as well as radiant all of you with the most profound divine spiritual energies.

  • While changing your vibrations to allow you to access your ability to more powerful deeper knowing and open up to divine truth, love and illuminate your highest divine purpose.

  • Embrace your true self while allowing the deepest knowledge of your divine purpose to shine brightly through you.



You will be in LOVE with this POWERFUL Guidance and Meditation Session, which will be a must-have in your daily spiritual routine.

Every time you listen, you’ll find yourself slipping naturally deeper into your meditation while building the most loving, nurturing and unbreakable relationship with your unseen spirit helpers. While feeling more divinely connected with the universe​. Naturally, strengthen your intuition to your Higher Self and the Spirit Realm in a nonintrusive and nurturing environment.

Lisson and restore and balance your template to your higher self as you meet and work with your very own spirit team as they take you on this divine self-discovery of deeper wisdom and higher knowledge. 

Sink deeper into relaxed states of inner wisdom as you restore the natural balance between the mind, body and spirit…

​​ This session is 32:16 ​minutes for this deep inner journey and ​right now, you can buy this best-selling session for over 65% off the retail price!

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