When Strange Spirit Talk With Me In Public Places And The importance Of Boundaries

When we first start developing our gifts we can struggle with understanding the ways in which our friends and loved ones in the spirit realm and our guides are working with us, am I right?

I know how you feel when I first started developing I struggled with this too. Understand your gift and how it works is not the easiest and that is why it is important to get the right guidance along your spiritual path. 

So this week on Rebecca TV, I discuss the gift of clairvoyants and some of the ways we see with that gift. I'm sure you will enjoy my latest show and why you are there don't forget to leave a comment, letting me know your experiences on this subject.

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YOU know I love hearing your experiences, right?!?

So, if YOU, have the time to share with me if you experienced a time where the spirit world has popped in to say hello a strange place?

Can’t wait to read your experiences!!!

Rebecca xx