Rebecca Millman’s Biography


1798695_746496275362988_346521046_nAs a child Rebecca Millman remembers her many experiences with Spirit Lights. Little did she know then how gifted she was. Her long and hard journey only strengthened Rebecca’s quest for meaning.

As her life was unfolding so were many layers of the self, hence revealing a young lady with highly developed mediumship abilities and a great yearning for spiritual growth and authenticity.

Rebecca, the child and adolescent spent a lot of time reflecting. Having said that, she did not pretend to understand her mediumship experiences or her ability to know what was going on in other people’s lives. Her fear of being ridiculed and critisised kept her from sharing these amazing happenings with anyone.

As a teenager, Rebecca was experiencing inexplicable knocking on doors and walls as well as banging noise with cupboards. Spirit, I believe was trying to get her attention. Ms Millman needed to realise her abilities and start the spiritual journey she had obviously signed up for.

In her late 20’s, Rebecca’s world started to fall apart. She found herself going within once again for the answers – like she did so many times as a young child. A voice spoke to her, this same voice from the spirit world helped lead her to a development circle. The circle was to allow this young lady to understand her gift and work with spirit instead of against them. This trusted friend, the ‘voice’ had been speaking to her since she was a young child. It had told her of her grandfathers’ death and many other amazing things.

Rebecca has always been a natural medium, but it was not until she stopped fighting this wonderful gift and accepted her friends in the spirit world did she find true happiness within. Ms Millman knows firsthand how spirit can help heal a person’s soul. Both she and those in the spirit world now work hard to pass on messages of love and hope to help heal those here in the physical world.

In 2008 Rebecca was approached by Fox TV and was asked if I would like to take a psychic and mediumship test for a new psychic TV show they will be running called “The One”. (This test was taken by mediums and psychics Australia wide) Rebecca passed the test and she was the ‘only Western Australian Medium/psychic’ who had made it to the interview process. (she was flown to Sydney for the Interview.)