Are Medium’s Born With Their Gift?

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Are Medium's Born With Their Gift? I recently lost a good friend to cancer, and like most of you, I too have to go through a grieving process. I have spent the last few days experiencing different emotions but I found I have an underlining sense of peace thanks to my [...]

Energy vampires – What you need to know!

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Energy vampires - What you need to know!     Learning to work through your issues and personal baggage plays a big part in not taking on other people's issues. There is a common problem that pops up, especially for the highly sensitive/empathic people and that is they have - most likely learned in their [...]

Symbols of Spirit Communication

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Symbols of Spirit Communication   I was doing a reading for a lady at one of my events last week. At the start of the reading, I felt a young man walk up behind me - he smiled and then started talking to me. He began his communication with me by showing me him sitting [...]

Psychic Studio Perth Fremantle

Psychic Studio Perth Fremantle

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