Faces of Spirit Seance




Medium Rebecca Millman

Rebecca Millman, in trance at one of her seances

Have you ever wished you could see your loved ones and Friends who have crossed over to the spirit realm one more time?

As a medium, I hear time and time again from client how they would love to see that special person who has crossed over one more time and I always smile nicely and tell clients they can! Not only can you see your loved ones again but you can get to see them smile, laugh, say hello to them and even say all the things you wish you could have said when they were on the Physical realm .

What is the Faces of Spirit?

The faces of spirit seance will have you spellbound from the very start and you will be talking about what you see for years to come. In good red light conditions, Rebecca Millman will be using her Mediumship ability to enter into a light trance state and while in a trance she will allow those in the spirit world to blend their energies with her aura’s energies.

 It is this unique blending of energy that allows those in the spirit world to show people who are attending this event their spirit faces over the top of Rebecca’s face. This rare gift is what spiritualist call overshadowing.

People attending these nights often ask who are the spirits that are Overshadowing Rebecca’s face? The answer to that question is not simple… Some are spirit guides, some are peoples’ love ones and friends and others are spirits that Rebecca works with or are waiting to make connection with their love ones and know Rebecca will be doing a reading for them soon.  

What do these spirit faces look like?

That can depend on who is coming through at the time. People have described seeing both men and ladies wearing glasses, spirit eyes blinking and looking around at people attending the seance, men with beards or moustaches, spirit children and even elderly spirits.

If you are hoping to see a loved one or Friend in Spirit at the seance- please start talking with them before the event and let them know you hoping to see them on the night.

Will everyone see these Faces?

We find that the amount a person sees on the night depends on the level of development of the person and we on average 90% to 100% of people will see these faces .

Seats for this event are very limited, so to avoid disappointment buy your tickets today!

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Jacqueline WA MARCH 2016 – We went last week and it was amazing !!!! Everyone must experience this.

Megan WA February 2016 –  It was an amazing experience like no other Rebecca. Thankyou

Lisa WA February 2016 – It was amazing. I still am like….wow and i just feel so grateful

Kelly WA February 2016 – Thank you Rebecca for such a magical experience!!! Seeing the spirits faces coming through is some that i will carry with me always. I encourage everyone to go do the faces of the spirit seance.. you won’t be disappointed!

Suzy WA 2015 – Last night was awesome! defiantly coming back again for that experience !

Emma WA 2015 – Thank you Rebecca! What a great night. We really enjoyed it, will be definitely be back for another seace sesh, what an experience smile emoticon x

Nikki WA 2015 – Thank you so much for tonight. You’re amazing. I have never seen anything like that. Incredible. Xxxx

Sharyn WA 2015 – It was interesting Rebecca Millman went into a trance and the all these faces came over hers Very cool A few people connected with loved ones

Carol WA 2015 – Had an amazing night at the Seance tonight some very luck people got to speak to loved ones just experiencing this with them made my night.

KATE D – WA – 2014 It was such an interesting night. It took me a while to see anything but then once I got it I really got it!!

NATALIE B – WA – 2014 was fantastic , now I know what to expect ! one thing i didn’t mention last night i was standing behind a couple on the right and i was tilting my head at you like really looking and your head slowly tilted the the side like it was mimicking ,.and i could swear it was looking right at me lol. as to why i asked if they can manipulate your body

SARAH SMITH – WA – 2014 Awesome night… loved, loved, loved it. make sure you take a friend with you so you can hold their hand hehehehe

LESLEY T – WA – 2014 Hi Bec, I was amazed with what you brought forward last night.To see an old friend was a treat. The spirit energy was all around the room, my hair and shoulder was stroked three times, the third time my friend felt cold air move between us as I was touched. The sparkly light all over the black boards behind you were so beautiful, it was as if the milky way was behind you. A fascinating evening…thank you so much, you are a gifted lady…can’t wait for the sleepover at Woodman Point

TANIA S – WA – 2014 Thankyou for having me there, it was enlightening to an extent and the first step for me to move forward. Sorry I did not say much, but things are still are bit raw and emotional for me and very hard to share..But I did see my beautiful daughter even if it was only fleeting, so at least I know she is there on the other side..
CINDY K – WA – 2014  it was amazing i did see a loved one and others as well was an interesting and great night

Venue: Rebecca Millman’s Psychic Studio Fremantle

3/87-89 South Terrace, Fremantle WA 6160

Time: 7pm – 8.30pm 

Cost: $85 – NO REFUNDS