wanting to have a reading with Rebecca why she is working in your state? Then we have just the thing for you. Rebecca offers small group readings and in these sessions she will connect and pass on messages from people’s love ones, family and friends on the Other Side. These sessions run for 2-hour, and Ms Millman will to pass on heartfelt and therapeutic messages in a caring and very intimate environment.

Small Group Readings allow like-minded peoples to collectively experience the transformative power of Spirit. You as well as other members of the group will receives wisdom, guidance as well as messages from the spirit who communicate to everyone in the group.

Each group comes together for reasons that are only revealed by our friends in spirits once the reading is underway. In this way, no two groups are ever the same.  Ms Millman will be giving personalised messages to every individual in attendance. Everyone in the group is guaranteed a personal reading!

Why Rebecca is traveling the country she offers 6 -person Small Group Readings and now.

Spots in my Small Group Readings are available on a first-come, first-served basis where availability exists while traveling Australia