A Night You Will Never Forget!

Ms Millman’s large audient shows include an informative and revealing talk about the spirit realm and Rebecca’s journey into understanding and embracing her gift. Watch, as she reunites loved ones and friends with those whose home is now on the ‘other side.’ By demonstrating her mediumship capability and going directly to a person and conducting audience readings. Rebecca also gives the audience the opportunity to ask questions at the closing stages of her shows. These shows are not only a must-see experience, but the show is a must see in order to believe!

Her amazing, yet natural, ability to communicate with those that have crossed over is remarkable, to say the least. Attending one of her live shows will give you the opportunity to experience a professional and skilful Australian medium at work. Rebecca’s amazing gift to communicate with the spirit world inspires, heals and brings people together, She’s an incredibly gifted medium, and her abilities to bring forth extraordinary proof of survival as well as intimate and accurate details of loved ones who have crossed over scare more than a few but amazes most!

Who Should Attend Rebecca’s Live Show?

If you want to experience, a gifted medium who can pass on healing and loving messages from those who now call the spirit world home. Align yourself with a fun group of people who share the same beliefs as you, are willing to explore mediumship because of your experiences with the spirit world or would love to reconnect with someone who has crossed over.

Then join the thousands of individuals just like you, both here in Australia and Overseas who have witnessed first hand or received for themselves the healing power of Rebecca’s gift!

Want To Read What People Are Saying About Rebecca’s Live Show!?!

You can read reviews from all kinds of lovely people that have attended Rebecca’s Large Audience Show towards the bottom of this page. (Just Scroll Down.) 

Medium Rebecca Millman’s Australian Clairvoyant Show dates 

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Crown Perth Theatre – Great Eastern Hwy, Burswood WA 6100
Date: Friday, May 16th 2021, 11am to 11.45pm  –  ON SALE NOW
Cost $28 – Starts at 7.30pm  – NO REFUNDS AND NO TRANSFERS

Any questions or website issues, please email admin@rebeccamillman.com.au, please do not contact the venue as they are not organising the event.


BEELIAR COMMUNITY HALL – 33 Lakefront Ave, Beeliar 
Date: Friday, March 26th 2021, 7.30pm to 9.30pm  –  SOLD OUT
Cost $42 – Starts at 7.30pm  – NO REFUNDS AND NO TRANSFERS

Any questions or website issues, please email admin@rebeccamillman.com.au, please do not contact the venue as they are not organising the event.


Gary Holland Community Centre, 19 Kent St, Rockingham
Date: Friday, 13th Nov 2020, 7.30pm to 9.30pm  
Cost $42 – Starts at 7.30pm  – NO REFUNDS AND NO TRANSFERS

Any questions or website issues, please email admin@rebeccamillman.com.au, please do not contact the venue as they are not organising the event.


BEELIAR COMMUNITY HALL – 33 Lakefront Ave, Beeliar 
Date: Friday, 25th Sept 2020, 7.30pm to 9.30pm  – SOLD OUT!
Cost $42 – Starts at 7.30pm  – NO REFUNDS AND NO TRANSFERS

Any questions or website issues, please email admin@rebeccamillman.com.au, please do not contact the venue as they are not organising the event.


BEELIAR COMMUNITY HALL – 33 Lakefront Ave, Beeliar 
Date: Friday, 28th Aug 2020, 7.30pm to 9.30pm  – SOLD OUT
Cost $42 – Starts at 7.30pm  – NO REFUNDS AND NO TRANSFERS

Any questions or website issues, please email admin@rebeccamillman.com.au, please do not contact the venue as they are not organising the event.


Atrium Resort Hotel Mandurah 65 Ormsby Terrace Mandurah
Date: Friday, 20th March 2020, 730pm to 9.30pm  –  SOLD OUT
Cost $42 – Starts at 7.30pm  – NO REFUNDS AND NO TRANSFERS

Any questions or website issues, please email admin@rebeccamillman.com.au, please do not contact the venue as they are not organising the event.

What People Are Saying About Rebecca’s Live Show!

Lisa Marie – 10/08/2017
Rockingham WA

Hi Rebecca, Thank you for an amazing show on friday night in Rockingham and i was one of the two ladies who walked in late. I apologise for that. I have no words for the gift you have. Ive been to psychics and mediums before but never have i experienced like what i did friday night and i myself wasnt someone who had someone who came through. I sat there with goosebumps the whole time. Ive known of you for 14 years. When my nanna died 14 yrs ago my aunty told me i should of come n seen you for some healing, she was supposed to have organised it but things happen and time must of got away from her and she never got around to it. My auntys name is tamara. She told me back then just how good you were an you healed her after my nannas passing.  Thank you Lisa x

Delyn Andrew – 10/08/2017
Rockingham WA

My friends and I went to Rebecca’s show as well and we were very impressed with her abilities and her general approach to the amazing world of Mediums and how they handle their special gift. I would like to say also that it was unfortunate that You were not well that night, yet you pushed through and didn’t disappoint anyone and I could see it wasn’t easy for you but was so impressed with how you still carried on with the evening. My girlfriend was the first to be lucky enough to have a family member come through and honestly while we had discussed getting tickets prior to the event life got busy and we nearly didn’t make it, I happened to see one of my emails and made the decision to just get us the tickets and hoped she could still come with me and WOW haha she was the first to be approached by Rebecca so life is wonderful and full of strange happenings and this was proven that night. You gave all of us so much insight and I thank you from the bottom of my heart because I know my buddy, our other girlfriend who was also with us and I came away that night with a full heart and smiling. x

Kathleen Anne Mitchell – 25/03/2017
Northam WA
Last night I met the most gifted and beautiful woman – Rebecca Millman. I have been calling my Mum for so very long in the hope that she has met up with my Father and now knows the real mystery behind his death. My father was drowned when I was very young but never found so it has always been difficult to let go of the past without fully understanding why. It was so very emotional that my Father came through with his messages for me to let go of the past and look to the future. I felt like I was sitting in the kitchen back home as a child listening to his wise words. He is right and I know now I won’t always get the answers to every question, but I can move on knowing that he is still with me. The pin cushion got me – yes it was one my Mum had made and I had recently washed it to give to our daughter in law. The locket I was wearing belonged to my Mum. I didn’t get the Cruise Ship but once I got home I remembered seeing a cruise to the UK just a week ago and thinking it would be wonderful to do something like that for my husband so he could go back to his heritage once we finally sell and start the new chapter in our lives. My heart skipped a beat, very emotional but feeling so very blessed. Thank you Rebecca.

Valetta Roberts 25.03.2017
Northam WA
Thank you so much Rebecca for a very enjoyable and informative evening in Northam last night. I went with a very good friend of mine who received a heartfelt and welcomed message from her father… I did not receive a reading myself but felt the love, joy and comfort that you brought through …thank you again and we will definately catch up with you in the future

Keryn Stephens 18.03.2017
Success WA
Thank you so much , for your beautiful reading , I had been asking my auntie Tina to come through tonight ALL day!! I told everyone I think she will:) Everything’s resonated and what’s beautiful is I got to come home to my parents who were babysitting and pass them my yellow rose and share the news to my dad about his father and sister . ✨ I better get back into my art and keep writing pronto;) xxx I also held a yellow rose at her funeral ❤

Maggie Skipper 18.03.2017
Success WA
I dont know what happen to my first message. I still want to acknowledge Rebecca and thank you so much for bringing my father through to me. He passed when I was 7. I wondered alone on this earth as you said because I am his only child and throughout my entire existence I hv never known where I belonged. You made me cry because you touched on the deepest parts of my world in a massive way. The back thing..specifically hip..is my dad. He was paralised down 1 side from his hip down. I only remembered when I gt home. I am so greatful and feel privileged. Bless you xx Do u know I actually went home and lay on my bed and punched the air half a dozen times! It felt like i won the lotto 🙂

Sharyn Schaper-Collard 18.03.2017
Success WA
Thank you for an amazing evening. My Grandmother came through for my Mum. The reference to an addition to the family, the 4 and knitting that Mum seemed stumped came to her on the way home. My grand daughter was born on the 4th of last month and Mum had only gone with my daughter yesterday to buy some white wool to finish a blanket for her. My Grandmother was a hard worker as is my Mum and yes, the men in our lives are workers, but not the best when it comes to the manual stuff😊 You are truly gifted Rebecca and I will certainly be attending again.

Jodie Jones
Success WA 18.03.2017
Thank you, you were amazing 💗

Lucrezia Scarpuzza
Success WA 18.03.2017
thank you great night

Hayley Elizabeth Buxton
Rockingham 04.03.2017
Thank you so much for a great night. It was awesome that my cousin came through

Jodi Thompson
Rockingham 04.03.2017
Thankyou you made my night and answered my question as well as give me the answers/love I been looking for

You are truly blessed Thankyou shine bright ✨✨💙💜💙😘

Amy  –  I thought the show was incredible. so many personal messages passed onto loved ones. You are a beautiful lady with such a precious gift. thanks for making me a believer. Amy WA, 2015.

Carole Roberts Great show, would have been topped off if my beautiful husband could have come through to acknowledge 2 of his gorgeous girls there. However they are more believing now that he is always with them (hopefully next time!) Carole Roberts, 2015 SA

Great show Rebecca – thank you for coming to Adelaide and for an informative and interesting evening. Emma McKinnon, sa, 2015

 Great show tonight. Thanks your amazing xxx,  – Judy Nykiel, SA, 2015

 Even though nothing happened for me, thanks for the intresting night. I have never been to anything like this before. Interesting. Desiree Escabache – SA, 2015

Rebecca your a beautiful person with an amazing ability. I was confused with a lot of diferant emotions last nite & I guess had my own high expectations of truly feeling relief & happiness, just something small with the past couple years of.My life would’ve been like Ahh that’s all I need I can almost come unstuck & try to live my life but it is wat it is I guess & Thankyou for a informative interesting night. Hope to meet again. Take Care – Rachel Tyler, SA, 2015

 Thankyou so much I was so overwhelmed I forgot to say that. Can’t wait to give my message to her mum x Blessings, love and light – Jo Rose, SA, 2015

Thank you for coming to Adelaide…I loved from start to finish with your show. I was very blessed to have a reading from my late mum who died 30 years ago you brought the whole package of my mum so thank you heart emoticon xx – Maryann Maza, SA, 2015

Rebecca, my firends and I just wanted to thank you for the most AMAZING night! I could not believe that the first person you went to was me and that you managed to give me information about my bother who has been gone for 3 years now.(Information no one knew but me.) Thank you, thank you and thank you again.

Rebecca Miller. 2010

Dear Rebecca,

Thank you so much for a great seminar on Saturday 8th November 2008.  Your in-depth information on spirit contact and mediumship was excellent and it was great to hear about your own personal history and development.  The readings were the most interesting part of the night and I was thrilled with the one you did on my cousin.  Unfortunately it was only later, after a chat with mum that we could verify the facts of our grandfather that came through, but you were correct on so many little details!

Keep doing what you do and I look forward to coming to more of your events in the future.

Warmest regards,

Vanda B. 2008

Hello Rebecca,

Just wanted to thank you and say how much we enjoyed your Seminar last night.  You were absolutely SPOT ON with the reading you gave my friend, on all counts, even to the hip problem she has  I knew you were good and hope she will follow up with a private reading with you in the near future.

I do hope you have a great Ghost Tour tonight and look forward to catching up with you again very soon.

Good luck with the filming and don’t work too hard !

Kindest regards  – Lea

Hi Rebecca,

My husband and I attended your Hilton Seminar, although I didn’t receive a reading from you that night. I thought you where fantastic. The way you went directly to a person and told them who was with them was wonderful to watch. You have a amazing gift and I look forward to going to another of your seminars. A & D Downling – Fremantle WA Australia.

Hello Rebecca,


I enjoyed your seminar the other night and it was interesting to hear you talk about the spirit world. The way you freely and openly answered  people questions that night  was a eye opening and learning experience for me. I look forward to your next seminar. Your mediumship abilities would be the best I’ve seen – for a very long time! Lou WA Australia  30/5/2007

I found Rebecca’s ability to communicate with the spirit world an amazing experience.  Rebecca displayed a strong connection to the spirits and gave  accurate readings.  She also gave an interesting and informative talk about medium-ship

Cathy  – Perth Western Australia

Dear Rebecca,

I would really like to thank you very much for an amazing seminar at Jurien Bay last night. I was hoping to hear from my dad last night but knew that he may not and when you felt my grandma coming thru I felt very warm and loved feeling come over me, just like when I was little girl with her. Your ability is so reassuring and calming. I was wary when I came because not everyone is true gift but you came thru with two things that I have never told anyone. I will be making sure that I can have a personal reading with you next year. Blessed Beck. Dana – Jurien Bay, WA – 12,11,2007

Hello Rebecca,

I was at your frankston seminar and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the night.You are not only gifted with the wonderful gift of being a medium but you also have an amazing ability to make people feel right at home at your seminars. The way in which you worked the room and gave people message after message from a love ones or friend was a true blessing to watch.Thank you Rebecca, for coming to Frankston and giving us the chance to watch you work.


Frankston  Victoria

22 – July – 2007

Very Accurate. Enjoyed the seminar keep up the fantastic work Rebecca.

Diane – Rivervale WA -18 – July – 2007

When I saw Rebecca work, I was most impressed.  Her readings  seemed to be very accurate.  So much so, in fact, that I felt a little apprehensive & afraid She was going to come to Me, wondering what She may say.  Not a minute had passed when Rebecca asked if She could come to Me.  She first started talking about a Spirit coming through who was, “like a coach or an instructor”.  It didn’t register.  She said She felt He may have passed from cancer.  It suddenly hit Me.  She was referring to my Tae Kwon Do instructor whom passed in Tasmania.  As Rebecca continued with the reading, I proceeded to sink further & further into my chair.  If I had any doubt of Life after death, it was extinguished that evening.  She blew Me away with Her pinpoint accuracy.

Richard Mann, WA. 2007

Thank-you, for touching on personal experiences I have also experienced, and  was unsure what it was.

Tracey – WA

The reading you gave was awesome. They were my dad and my little brother. His name was Enere but his nickname is ‘Bob ‘(the name you brought through) and that is

what I was like as a kid. (off down the street) LOL

NGA –  Rivervale – WA

Rebecca, Thank you for a mind blowing event. You have inspired ,e to develop and refine my own talents further and your are one in a million.

Thanks Paul T Langford.18 07 ’07

Good work. Open questions time was very interesting. thank you.

Margaret Holland. Timadale Western Australia

Hi Rebecca

Thank you very much for letting us explore your world, the gift you have is very accurate and amazing. My partner received a reading in which his uncle came through, it was very interesting and exciting to hear so many personal details.  Cant wait to have a reading with you in the next couple of weeks.

Emma and Robin

Ver unformative… Thank you!

Sue – Jurien Bay – 10-11-2007

Very interesting. Rebecca spoke will and was spot on.

Jane Green Head WA 10-11-2007

Hi Rebecca

I attended your seminar last night 18th July (my birthday!) and thank you so much for a wonderful night.  You are wonderful.  Nobody came to you for me last night but I have to report that I slept the most peaceful sleep that I have in years and I put this down to the experience that you so kindly shared. Just to share something with you…I used to live in Sydney and was a friend of a girl called Fi Fi. She moved to Perth a year before me. When I arrived here my phone broke and I lost her number. As it was my 40th birthday yesterday I was thinking about having a get together and I so wished I could  get in contact with Fi Fi-but I had no way. Last night I turned around and she was there! At your seminar! It is so wonderful to have been bought together under these circumstances (especially as she lives at least an 1 ½ away from Como!) Sitting there and listening was like – doubt never entered my mind- it was like witnessing normal conversation I am so glad you have embraced your gift and put it to such wonderful use. I look forward to having a private consultation with you when you have the time and inclination.I will give you a call to arrange.

Once again thank you so much!

With love and sincerity

Andree – WA

While at a seminar ran by Rebecca, I received a message from my grandmother on my father side. After telling me information about grandmother  Rebecca then  went on to say that my grandmother had concerns  with my mothers health. She told me, she felt that my mother was having a hard time breathing and she wanted me to get mother seen at by a Doctor because of  the breathing difficulties . The following day I rang my mother to tell her about my grandmother coming through with a message and to ask her if she was having any breathing problems? My mother then proceeded to tell that she was having breathing problems and she had already made a appointment to see the GP about it. It’s nice to know that my family who have crossed over are watching over us and the proof of this and the proof that life continues to exist  after we cross over  was defiantly demonstrated that night, in the reading I received  and the other readings Rebecca did that night. What a wonderful gift you have and Thank-you for my reading.

Serena  Rockingham  WA