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Friday the 12th ONLY 6 SPOTS LEFT - Saturday the 13th ONLY 4 SPOTS LEFT



I love the paranormal, don't you?

So, I have a few questions for you...? How much fun it would be to investigate haunted buildings?

Wouldn't it be exciting to creep around haunted buildings while collecting paranormal activity?

Doing this will test your nerves!?! but... investigating the empty rooms and spooky corridors in extremely haunted buildings sounds like fun, don't you think?

This is the problem, you have no idea how to go about it or maybe your fear is holding you back, and you would prefer to have this experience with someone who knows their stuff when it comes to the spirit world and the way spirits haunt buildings?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then this is the event for YOU!


Experience one of WA's most spooky night of fun with Spiritual Medium Rebecca Millman, in one of Western Australia’s most haunted locations!

Come and explore the haunted buildings and interact with the friendly spirits who have been calling the quarantine station home for over 100 years. Allow Rebecca to assist you in conducting your paranormal experiments and help you to get the best results possible!

While putting this ghost tour together, I have made sure that I will be taking you to parts of the Q' Station that we don't cover on my regular ghost tour!

During the Ghost Hunt Rebecca will demonstrate her medium abilities by interacting with the resident spirits that she engages throughout the night.

You'll have the opportunity to play with paranormal equipment and see if can encounter paranormal activity during this spooky night of fun?

Will you be sleeping with one eye open?


During the evening Rebecca will demonstrate her medium abilities by interacting the resident spirits, she engages throughout the site.

Rebecca will also educate the group by helping you understand any experiences you may be having. These may include sudden emotions or physical feelings such as cold spots or dense atmosphere. Paranormal experiments such as trigger objects and locked off cameras will also round out this fascinating tour.

The spirits on this site are known for their love for interaction with people and their apparitions.



  • Late Night Supper (so don’t forget to feed yourself prior to arrival)

  • Breakfast

  •  Bed

  • Tour of the historical site and hear stories about patients and families that lived at the station

  • Ghost Stories and Ghost Hunt

  •  A loan of paranormal equipment to use on the night.
  •  A rare opportunity to spend a night in Woodman Point in the hospital.
  • You must be willing to go ghost hunting to the wee hours of the morning.
  •  Rebecca will be using her mediumship ability to help people achieve the best paranormal activity on the night!


If you want to experience, something different, something out of the ordinary, something fun, something spooky, have a love for the paranormal, see what paranormal activity you can get, have a gifted medium who has the amazing ability to communicate with those who now call the spirit world home assist you on the night. Align yourself with a fun group of people who share the same beliefs as you, are willing to explore the spirit world or just want o see what activity you can get.

Then join individuals just like you, who want to witnessed first hand the paranormal in a fun and caring environment!


Yes! You can read reviews from all kinds of lovely people that have attended Rebecca’s Overnight Ghost Investergations towards the bottom of this page. (Just Scroll Down.) 


Dates for this event will be announced soon, to register your interest fill in the below form or fill in the form found at the top of the page and receive YOUR FREE GHOST HUNTING TIPS EBOOK 


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Dear Rebecca,

my mother and I went to yr ghost tour at woodman point, as we have both been attending spiritualist churches for like 25years and have been to one if yr shows and decided this would be a great one to attend. I must admit I was a little disappointed when U started the tour you said something along the lines of "if your expecting to see ghosts tonight you will be disappointed" instantly my heart sank. But OMG by the end of the night, We were both far from disappointed! I learned alot that night. Many things happened that night, like when I walked into the hospital I instantly felt sick i was trying not throw up but I was too shy to tell anyone as I didn't know if it was anything then when you talked about all the sick ppl who used to be in their it made more sense, after leaving that area I felt completely fine again. I heard 2ppl talking that night one woman one man the man was a lot more prominent and it was a great feeling to be able to tell you where I felt the voices were coming from and what I could hear and you could too was a great feeling, you also told me that I'm clairaudio that night, it was crazy when I hear a guy in an accent say "will you just hurry up" and you asked if anyone heard that. I swear it was the person next to me but it wasn't, haha and it wasn't scary at all I loved every part of the ghost tour, thank you for an amazing night and if the overnight tour is different I'll have to come to that as well, I loved hearing all the stories you told and everything about the old quarantine station. My mother and I got lots photos of orbs, Thanks again for a very informative and eventful evening, have a great day warm regards

Chantelle 2018

Dear Rebecca,

People attending Rebecca’s Ghost Tours

Thank you so much for such a great ghost tour last night.  It was fascinating in two ways, firstly, your descriptions on what (or should I say ‘who’) you were sensing, and secondly, the historical background of the area.

It is an enlightening experience indeed and I believe that my perception towards historical buildings will now be forever changed as I believe your tour brings a greater respect to those who have passed before us who have left their energies behind.

I would recommend this tour to anyone – believers and sceptics alike to experience something different, however, don’t forget your camera’s – we captured lots of ‘orbs’ last night!!

Kind regards,


WA – Vanda B.  – 13/10/08

“Well, I have to say your ghost tour was literately out of this world. Not only did i get the HeeBeeGeeBees but i caught an image of a ghost on camera to boot! Thanks Rebecca for an unforgettable and informative evening!”

WA  – 18/10/08

We love Ghost Hunting with Medium Rebecca Millman

Thanks for a great night out. The ghost tour was interesting and gave insight into the people who previously stayed at the quarantine station, why, and what happened to some of the residents and workers. I found that aspect of the tour very interesting.

Some parts of the tour were very spooky, especially walking into rooms that were very cold, and then walking out into another room that wasn’t. I also saw a few people on the tour who’s camera batteries were drained before the night was over, mine included!

My favourite part was the walk into the crematorium, it had such a spooky atmosphere, and it was there i felt unseen things touching my head and arm. I got quite a lot of great photo’s with orbs in that area too.

The amount of people that attended the tour was just right i felt. If there had been more it would not have had the intimacy that we had that night.

Thank you for a great night, i enjoyed myself immensely and would definitely go on another tour, i think i’ve got the ghost tour bug! 


Kelly Azuma


Dear Rebecca

What a fantastic tour -just what Perth needs. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and our tour around the station.  We got

We are getting ready for the Seance

some amazing orb photos- a first for both of us and our video recordings had some strange things on them.  We are already talking about getting tickets for the next available tour and it has not even been 24 hours.

It was great to do a ghost tour with someone who can connect with the afterlife- it adds so much more to the tour.

The photos we took near the crematorium were unbelievable.

I wish you all the best and success with the tour.

We will be back very soon

Mel and Jody


Hi Rebecca

Myself and my daughter attended your Ghost tour on the 22nd March from this we got some very interesting photos, one photo which you are in shows an orb right beside your head with another one on the ceiling. I got many orb photos that night surprisingly more from outside the crematorium than inside. I will enclose a few so you can see for yourself. Thank you for these tours it ws most enjoyed by us and hopefully i will be able to attend another one. I would love to spend more time at this place.

Pauline WA



I just came back from camp with St. stephens school and the ghost tour was great and informative,but also a little scary!The tour is put together wisely and is enjoyed by all…Even if you dont sleep that night!

W.A Daniel Dosek


Did the tour at Woodman Point Quarrantine Station & what an experience.  Absolutely enjoyed the learning history about the Quarrantine Station as I had no idea about it. Also enjoyed amazing experiences with Rebecca & David Wells. What a great tour & hopefully will get to experience other tours.  I have some photo’s to also pass on.

Louisa  WA


We had a fabulous time..really interesting. my camera batterys went a couple of times (brand new ones) and as we were driving out went for a third tmes trying to take photos.

Definatly an interesting place with an interesting history. would recommend it to anyone.



Suzanne and Bob WA


we went on your tour last night, the 2 Irish girls, do you remember my friend telling you that her camera was playing up and 1952 was displaying on the screen, well today she got the pics developed and she couldn’t believe her eyes! The lady in Harvey Norman pulled her aside and asked her exactly where on earth she had been, she had never seen sprit pic’s like them before! Over the year I’ve seen orbs ect but nothing ever like this.

Thanks for a fantastic night we really enjoyed it, keep up the great work!

All the best,



What a fantastic night, I had no idea that such a rich fasinating history is right here in our own back yard, as you said a hidden gem.  I love the way you connected with every person on the tour and answered every question with such knowledge.  The stories are spelling bounding and also your interaction with the other side is done in a professional and caring way…  I had the best time and wanted to say THANK YOU as soon as I got home I got on the net to find out MORE information. What a absolute pleasure the evening was

Sharyn McCaskey

22nd November  2009


Thanks Rebecca it was awesome i will be comming back for more tours and trying for tickets for the sleep over i got some great orbs ive only just started to give tarot readings also healing i am  researching orbs   and i felt some pretty powerful energys there it was great thankyou

Patricia A



WOW,WHAT A NIGHT!!!Great company,great atmosphere and great results!Amazing to experience such a vast range of activity.Everywhere!Cant wait for the next one,hope it’s soon.Rebecca’s easygoing approach makes for an interesting evening,very informative with a personal touch.




Venue: O'Kane Ct, Munster WA

Time: 8pm to 10am

Cost: $168 - NO REFUNDS