What is the Physical Seance event?

Wanting to experience something very special and transformative? then you have come to the right place.

Physical Mediumship is the rarest form of mediumship and you are about to discover why. They say, one in a million people are very good mental mediums but one in a billion is a physical medium like me.

Each seance is very different from the next as my spirit team are the ones who conduct this event. As I go into a light state of trance and the lights a dimmed, my spirit team helpers join you in attendance. This spirit team can often be seen walking around the seance room as they adjust the group’s energies to achieve the highest level of phenomena on the night. 

Balls of red, green, white and even blue coloured spirit lights are often seen dancing and flying around the room as well as they love flying around my body. Sometimes when you look at the ceiling it is said that these illuminated balls of light give the appearance of looking like the Milkyway. 

The Spirit helpers love to help produce Ectoplasm and Ectoplasmic mist. Grey, Blue, white and even Green Ectoplasmic mist is often seen coming from my body and floating in mid-air near my head. This mist can often put a show on as it spins and twirls in a circle fashion in front of your very eyes. A more solid form of Ectoplasm is made and comes in white and sometimes black, this can be seen coming from my ear, nose and even throat charka, you get to watch it grow and it at times it moves up and blocks my face from your vision, this Ectoplasm as been know to form solid arm(s), hands and even faces of those in spirit.

 Next, we bring out the glow in the dark toys for the spirit team in the aim to get them to levitate, block out, move and produce other phenomena. Be prepared to meet, Penelope and Mary two young spirit children who often attend the seance to assist with the night’s adventures.

  • As an ambassador for the spirit realm, I use my gift to reunite people just like you with their loved ones in many different ways, and I have spent years developing and crafting my skills.
  • I’m sure you have seen mediums who pass on messages from the other side, and yes I do have a fantastic ability to pass on the most amazing, healing messages that provide extraordinary proof that people’s loved ones are alive and well when I do my large audience shows. But I have also been given another gift, a very unique and rare gift. A gift that allows people to see a rare form of mediumship with their own eyes.
  • People who attend my physical seance event have been lucky enough to witness first-hand for themselves something very special and unique and I know I have turned many a none believer into a believer after they have attended this event.


Will everyone see the phenomena?

We find that the amount a person sees on the night Physical Seance depends from person to person but would say that on average 92% to 100% of people will see the phenomena.

Seats for this event are very limited, so to avoid disappointment buy your tickets today!

Want to read what people are saying about this event?

Yes, you can read what others have to say about my event, just scroll down to the bottom of the page


Mount Waverley – VIC  –  ON SALE SOON!  
Alvie Hall – High St Rd and Alvie Rd Mount Waverley 
Friday 1th of Nov Time: 7.45pm to 9.30pm
Cost $38

Before booking your seat please read Terms and Conditions to make sure you can attend


Cockburn – WA  –  3 SPOTS LEFT  
Old Jandakot School – 12 Poletti Road, Cockburn Central
Thursday 10th of Oct Time: 7.45pm to 9.25pm
Cost $48

Before booking your seat please read Terms and Conditions to make sure you can attend

Hello Rebecca. Thank you for your seance experience on Thursday night I was totally amazed by the physical side of the spirit world that you were able to show the group. I love that there is so much to see and experience with the spirit world and that people like you are chosen to show and help the world understand that this exists.❤️❤️❤️

Perth 2019

Just want to thankyou for the experience you gave at the physical seance Thursday night. Seeing the changing faces, the way the objects move about with your spirit helpers is not something a person gets to see everyday. Thankyou for sharing your abilities with us and educating about the afterlife. Will definitely see you again. 🙂

Perth 2019