Tea leaf readings are a unique and very accurate way of predicting the future.p

I first learnt to read tea leaves at the age of 8 from my dear grandmother. Learning to read tea leaves is a great place to start your psychic development, not to mention it is fun, relaxing and delicious too! Tea leaf readings, also known as “tasseography” can be traced all the way back to medieval times, in Europe and the Europeans’ found it to be an easy way to see what was to come in their and their families lives.

If your a bit nervous about developing your psychic abilities, or would just like to learn a new way of reading. Then join Rebecca and learn the mystical art of tea leaf reading.

The morning will start with everyone enjoying a piece of cake and a lovely cup of tea while Rebecca explains to you how to read and understand the messages in the tea leaves. You will then get to practise your psychic abilities by reading someone else’s tea leaves.

At the end of the workshop, everyone gets to sample a variety of teas that we will have at the studio, from around the world an opportunity to buy your favourite teas, if you wish to do so.

The Workshop formatIMG_3025

Join Psychic Medium Rebecca Millman for a 1.45 TO 2-hour tea leaf reading Workshop.

Rebecca will focus on developing:

  • Understand tea leaf reading
    Understand Psychic development
    Tea-leaf reading on other in the Group
    Build trust in your gift