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A message from ME to YOU!

As a Medium, I can not express how much joy and happiness my gift has given to me in my life and it is my aim to try and help you to develop your own gifts, provide you with spiritual tools that I’ve learnt so you too can live a life with purpose, intention and a guided Life with Spirit.

Why do this exciting and informative Workshop?

All the guidance, support, self-empowerment and protection you ever needed is there, and all you need to do is “know how” to tune in.

Our unseen helpers in spirit want us to know that everything we need to make our world a better place is there for us to use. I know this because every day I tune into the never-ending love, of spiritual support from the spirit realm.

I started to teach people how they could tap into their own unique gifts in the lounge room from my home in Perth almost 2 decades ago, from these people, they came to my large audience shows, and events where I give undeniable messages and physical proof from the other side.

From me sharing my extraordinary gift, and my knowledge of how they too can tap into this guidance system these audiences grew and grew. Today there is a movement of people just like you living a life in service to both realms as well as being spiritually guided and supported.

The biggest problem I see is people are missing out on huge chunks of spiritual tools, they have read endless books and try to develop their gifts but they still fill they are not getting anywhere or they don’t know how to propel themselves to the next level!

Yes, living a conscious and peaceful life which is guided by spirit often takes a lot of work. Having the right spiritual tools, which have been proven to help you to develop and nurture your gift. Tools like setting intention and meditation will assist you. I want to give you access to my proven spiritual tools that I have learnt over the years from the very best, my Spirit Guides! As well as help you to open up to a world of unconditional love, support, happiness and growth. These are tools which I use every day, and I teach to my clients who have trusted me to provide them with spiritual guidance and awakening

Is this workshop right for you?

Are you like me before I embraced my gift and you have had strange experiences all your life and you have a feeling deep inside of you that you need to explore your psychic/mediumship gifts but are not sure how to develop your abilities or you may have already started developing but things are not moving forward.

Do you want to know how to further develop or how your gifts can empower your everyday life, as well as bring happiness and peace into your life and how you too can be in service to people and your spirit guides like me but you are struggling moving forward or you don’t know where you should start?

* Have you ever thought about someone and they then call you on the telephone?

* Can you pick up on what people are feeling and you don’t know what to do about this when it happens

* Have you ever have dreams of people who have “Crossed Over” or have you had dreams that come true?

* Perhaps you’ve received visits from the spirit realm and messages too but you’re not sure what they are trying to tell you or what to do with these messages?

* Do you just know certain events were going to happen and they did?

* Maybe you see, smell or even sense when a spirit is in a room.

*Is there something deep inside you calling you to be of service?

Want to know how to further develop or how your gifts can empower your everyday life, as well as bring happiness and peace into your life and how you too can be in service to people and your spirit guides like me but struggle moving forward or you don’t know where you should start? Well I’ve got your back and I want you to see that our friends in spirit do too!

I have to warn you this workshop is not right for everyone and it takes a lot of work.

*Do you feel you are ready to explore your intuition or want to develop your gifts to a new level

*Is there something that resonates inside of you that cares deeply about your gift and there is a wanting, a knowing, a feeling inside of you to want to awaken spiritually? As well as live a life with purpose, intention and a guided life with spirit?

*Are you ready to learn different spiritual tools that will assist to empower and awaken your own spiritual gifts?

*If you genuinely care about helping serving others, working with spirit and the people that this work serves… you must learn what I’m teaching!

I have to tell you, I didn’t know if the experiences I had were from the spirit realm or how I could start developing or what to do with my gift but over the years I have learnt many spiritual tools that work and I want to share and teach them to you.

I will show you the *exact* techniques that I have learnt over the last 2 decades.

If you are ready to embrace your natural abilities, then YOU NEED to attend this Workshop!

The Workshop covers topics such as:

  • Develop and understand your Psychic and Medium abilities and push yourself beyond just being “intuitively aware”.

  • Explore all the senses work and which of the all 3 senses are you are using to receive your messages

  • Learn psychic protection for both here on the physical realm and spiritual

  • How to use a unique meditation technique to further develop your gift and work with spirit in a less intrusive way.

  • Open up to feeling energy as well as sense and pick up information off objects, images, people, spirit guides and those in spirit.

  • Reach beyond the five senses, and use spiritual tools to guide you in life, as well as Rebecca will help to push you to your next level in your development.

  • Investigate how you too can live a life with purpose, intention and a guided Life with Spirit!

  • And Lunch is included

  • You also will receive my ebook worth $100 for FREE

Can I read reviews about Rebecca’s Workshop!?!

Yes! You can read reviews from all kinds of lovely people that have attended Rebecca’s Workshop towards the bottom of this page. (Just Scroll Down.)

To book your spot in this workshop

To book your spot in Rebecca’s powerful workshop –   All you  need to do is pay a $100 deposit 

Pay the Deposit and then Pay the Final Payment on the day.

All you need to do is pay the $100 Deposit (No refunds). People paying deposits can make the final payment on the day $150. (FULL COST $250). You will need to bring a copy of your payment with you on the day to ensure you have access to this event


Fremantle – WA – 5 SPOTS LEFT
185 High St Rd Fremantle
Saturday, June 25th
10am to 3pm


Fremantle – WA – SOLD OUT
185 High St Rd Fremantle
Saturday, May 28th
10am to 3pm


Margaret River – WA – SOLD OUT
Stay Margaret River, 78 Wallcliffe Road
Saturday, May 7th
10am to 3pm



Dear Rebecca,

thank you for the most amazing and informative workshop.

I have been to a lot of workshops over the years but I have never been to one that is so real and informative as your workshop. I learn so much about my own gift and found out I was a medium which I always believed I was not. You are so down to earth and what I loved the most is you are just being you. You didn’t big note yourself and you make everyone feel they are important.

I look forward to attending your show.


Hi Rebecca

Thank you so much for sharing your time with me yesterday.

I enjoyed the realness that you brought to the course.You seemed to make everyone comfortable enough to open up a little and enjoy what you had to offer.

What was so enjoyable was you were just so human and down to earth, you were so natural just the way I have always thought this kind of knowledge should be. I have seen others talk themselves up so much that they seem unapproachable and unreal… You have a beautiful natural approachable energy which puts everyone around you at ease.


The people that were attracted to your course were so diverse which made the day interesting and just lovely.

Thank you again for your precious time and knowledge.

Trina J

Hi Rebecca,

It’s now some time ago that I was invited by a friend to participate at your workshop, and what a good idea it was. I have never understood what it meant to be psychic and do give a psychic reading (like with flower readings). Not until I came to your workshop I realized, I did not understand it, because I was psychic all along since childhood and I simply did not know there is a difference and some people aren’t using this sense…!!! Well, well, well and within the last year or so I made a full transition to another level to become a medium myself (as it was indicated by dreams before that). I am now in my own private practice as a reg. psychologist and integrate spiritual healing and work as a medium into my work as it is a spiritual form of counselling.

I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop, it definitely filled a missing link with me and I reckoned you are a very talented medium. The information you are a providing is very deep and accurate and I can only recommend your workshop to everyone on the spiritual path.

All the best and hopefully I can catch up with you somewhere

Ziggy Santos

Reg. Psychologist

Spiritual Healer and Medium


Very eye opening. taught me to trust in my feelings and showed me how to go with my first intrinsic as they are usually right. Yes I can do it, WOW!


Fremantle WA

Dear Rebecca,

Much of the insight I gained from the Animal Communication and Psychic Workshop in Fremantle was attributable to your calm and welcoming personality and the time you gave to many, whose ceaseless questions and enthusiasm you took on with good humour! I was impressed by the obvious years of experience you bought to the workshop through example and anecdote. Merely being amongst likeminded people increased my natural intuition and psychic ability. I really appreciate the way you made ME, one of about 40 people present, feel that your words and experiences were directed at me alone! A rare gift when speaking to an audience. You know how to work the room girl!….

Thank you in particular for the flower reading exercise, I have learnt something that I will take with me on future reading journeys.

I hope to meet with you in the future on a ‘one on one’ basis.

Best wishes,

I attended the workshop at the Esplanad Hotel on Sat 4th Aug, and thoroughly enjoyed my self. Thankyou to both you and Jo for sharing your amazing abillitys with us. I look forward to doing something like that again in the future.

My main reason for attending was to learn to talk to my horse, and i was totaly amazed that i was able to do a prety good photo reading on a dog.

Any way thanks again!

Kind regaurds

Clare Nicholas.

I thoroughly enjoyed and learned a great deal from the ‘Psyhic and Animal Communication Workshop’ given by yourself and Jo Sowdern. The passion that you and Jo work with was evident and it engaged every attendee for the whole day, the energy in the room was vibrant. I left the workshop eager to learn so much more of the communication that both of you had introduced me to.

With love Pauline WA

A very enlightening day… Thanks mate!


Canning Vale

Western Australia


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